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Our Ad Campaigns will be on multiple YouTube Channels

Here are some examples

Perform A YouTube search For “Moe Mountian Hot Sauce”

Perform A YouTube search For “Please Say You’ll Stay”

Check out some of our many Facebook Ad Campaigns.

This Entertainer’s local appearences has Exploded with Facebook Ad Campaigns using repurposed video footage from a festival event!

Results of Completed Ad Campaign

Cowsprayer Brand was Exposed to 1.6 Million Cattle Related Visitors Resulting in the Sale of 177 units Sold @$2995 ($530,115.00)

Results of Completed Ad Campaign

207K Views and 97K engagements helped this artist reach new heights  Whether you’re in business, entertainment, or an expert in your field, your social presence is critical to branding, significance, and validation in today’s world.

Results of Completed Ad Campaign

218K Views and over 400 engagements for a 30 day Veterans program ran just in the state of Louisiana. The goal was to see how many Veterans would watch the presentation.

Twitter has more marketing power than you think and we have many followers!

We have a strong presence on Pinterest.

Social Video Ads

Consumers Are Inundated With Advertising Signals Coming From Everywhere,

We have our own in house production studio.

We Keep Up With The Latest Online Stats, Trends and Updates So You Don’t Have To!

Most Social Media Administrators have No Clue that,

According to Facebook, people spend 1.7 seconds on a piece of content with a mobile device and 2.5 seconds on a desktop.

Corporate Tax Returns From Our Own Claim Service

We’re use to high call volume and putting systems in place to get things DONE!



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We handle the digital marketing, content creation for the targeted ad campaigns, and pre-qualify the inquiries. 

We’ll even handle the insurance side so you can preform your work instead of hanging on the phone for hours each day.

As the president of Class-Action Claim Services LLC. We dispersed over $15,000,000 to property owners in a class action against a Hardboard siding manufacturer that was settled. Our company settled over 5000 property owners that either tried to submit a claim and wasn’t awarded a settlement for whatever reason. Many weren’t even aware that they qualified as a claimant.

Being based in Louisiana, we have been involved in many facets of the rebuilding phase and the risk involved in having been exposed to rip-off artist after Andrew and Katrina.

Don’t be a victim twice, Our goal is to be the Safe Haven for both contractors and the property owners.

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