Our business model is a Win-Win scenario, you only pay a fraction of what a conventional marketing campaign would cost. Not to mention, we communicate with the property owners directly, so the contact we provide will be genuine.

We’ll reach out to you with a qualified contact that needs your services now, while our leads appear to cost more, the overall costs to connect to a real customer is more than 50% lower than PPC campaigns (Google Adwords).

Unlike pay-per-click advertising, in which vendors pay for every click to their ad, our program ensures you only pay for a pre-qualified contact to your business as opposed to just someone clicking on your ad and you hope they contact you.

Example, If you pay $20.00 a click and have 100 clicks that converted to 4 new acquisitions, you just spent $2000.00 or $500.00 for each job.

You will be charged only for the customer that is forwarded to your business from our call center. We have already connected with the customer so we are not sending you on a wild goose chase.

However, it’s up to you to close the deal and that is an important part of the success of our operation as well.

We pay for everything upfront so our a big part of our success is based on trust. It doesn’t take us long to find out if a company is a good fit for us to work with.

Our program works on a simple percentage-based scale according to the value of the job.

$1-2500.00          25%

$2500-5000         20%

$5000-20000       15%

$20000 and up  10%

NOTE: Add 5% if a Third Party Escrow Service is Needed

Example, if the job is $1000, then the cost of the pre-qualified customer is $250.00. If an Escrow Service is applicable then the cost would be $300.00

NOTE: The national average for getting a new customer today is approximately 33% of gross sales. We are on the low side of the customer acquisition cost so we expect honesty.

We will contact you with a description of the job with photos if available. You will give us a ballpark figure (as will a couple of others) and we will accept your offer or give to another vendor.

You will need a credit card on file (other arrangements may be available) and billed if you want the job after you get the particulars.

Have Any Questions?

If you are a law firm or public adjuster, we have an alternative solution to paying for leads

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